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We’ve created the perfect work-life balance for your enhanced creativity, productivity and all around quality of life.

Our Vision

Let’s face it, traditional work places and spaces have left a lot to be desired in today’s highly evolved marketplace. Never before have we seen droves of people shedding tradition, breaking out of the box, cutting the corporate cord and living life by their own rules (or the lack thereof).

We designed Metro with you in mind. We understand the hopes and dreams of free minded professionals as well as the fears and challenges that can make taking (or maintaining) the leap of faith into independent enterprise stressful. Because we, too, have taken the leap, we have tailored systems that make starting and maintaining your business easy, affordable and sustainable.

We know that the real important things in life are your family, your friendships and the unique things that bring you joy, so we created support systems that put more life into your work instead of work into your life. It’s the perfect work-life balance for your enhanced creativity, productivity and all around quality of life.

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Become a member, and save big on your business.

Meeting Space

Whether you're meeting with a client or hosting a group, Metro has you covered with our professional meeting spaces throughout the Rochester Metropolitan area. Become a member and save every time you book!

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Business Support Services

Our support services will keep your business running while you're running your business! Our team helps your business with scheduling, processing orders, customer service and more! Become a member and save!

Savings 25%

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Become a member,
and save big

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Our Events


Meet other freelancers, entrepreneurs and professionals at Metro Networking Events! Build relationships, collaborate on projects and watch your business (and quality of life) grow!

Professional Development

Every successful entrepreneur is a life long learner! Come to our professional development workshops to pick up new skills, share ideas and overcome challenges in business... and in life.

Quarterly events coming 2018

Quarterly events coming soon in 2018. Be sure to check back for event updates!